Cherie Hearts International Preschool & Kindergarten Malaysia

Managed by CH GLOBAL RESOURCES SDN. BHD. (No 843265-W)

The Cherie Hearts Group believes that every aspect of a child’s development should be recognised, nurtured and developed holistically.

Children’s learning at every level is focused on knowledge, skills, abilities, dispositions and feelings. These are intellectual dispositions that help children as they learn to think and think to learn. Such dispositions can be observed when children are engaged meaningfully in the investigation of things around them, trying to find answers to their questions and solutions to problems that they may encounter. These opportunities are provided in our curriculum.

Our Programmes

Infant Care

2 months – 17 months

Playgroup 1

18 months –
turning 30 months

30 months –
turning 4 years old


4 years old

Kindergarten 1

5 years old

Kindergarten 2

6 years old (or still entry to Pri 1)

7 – 12 years old


2 months old – 12 years old

Core Values

Fun & Creative Learning

Quality Care

Parents As Partners

Community & Family Involvement

Result & Growth


I am an expat in Malaysia and my son was born during the pandemic and was very tiny when we travelled to Malaysia. He had no contact with any other humans other than the three people in our home. After searching and visiting many centres, I chose Cherie Hearts and I feel that I made the right choice. My son goes four days a week for half a day and they have moved heaven and earth for him to settle down. The teachers there even held him so that he kept sleeping in her lap. He was a shy, scared and highly anxious boy but now he is much more relaxed. I truly feel that they have amazing teachers who communicate and really listen to what the parents have to say. To the all the people putting bad remarks I want to say something, effort should be put both ways! A good relationship won’t work if only the care provider has to do all the work. Communicate if not once, twice and even then thrice. Everyone is taking care of the kids there so if you communicate things become easier. Hats off to Ms. Adele for making our transition so much easier.

Parents of Ibrahim bin Tashfeen

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Parents of Aoi Maeda

When we first sent Obil to Cherie Hearts, we weren’t expecting much because of his age. At this point in time, we feel that he only wanted attention more than anything else. But after just a few days, we noticed the good behavior he had adopted. He naturally cleans himself - washing his hands, being independent when left on his own to play, tidying up (his own way, but it was an amazing experience for us with him). He is also able to feed himself without a fuss. His vocabulary has also improved within just a week. Maybe he listens more, it’s all about training them with the right techniques, which I think Cherie Hearts is doing really well.

Parents of Edriel Obil

Both my boys (5yo and 3yo) are so happy at Cherie Hearts. I was amazed how quickly my kids integrated at the school as we are expats from South Africa. They both enjoy school, have learned more than I thought possible at their age, but most importantly they are well cared for. I highly recommend Cherie Hearts to any parent. The teachers are kind and loving. The management is very professional and the communication to parents are always clear. My kids are thriving at Cherie Hearts.

Parents of Abraham & Maarten Deacon


Parents of Enzo Morise

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to every teacher for your hard work and encouragement that have been given to our son during his 2 years in Cherie Hearts International Preschool. He loves every minute of it and always comes home full of enthusiasm and stories to share with us. Thank you teacher for making Chien Che’s preschool years so wonderful and happy!

Parents ofTong Chien Che

Time flies… My little boy will be graduating from Cherie Hearts soon since Ethan started schooling in Cherie Hearts at the age of 4, he has become more socialized, confident, responsible, and independent. It is comforting to know that Ethan is not only getting a great education, he is happy in school as well. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers for your hard work and all you have done for Ethan. Thank you for the lovely memories that you have given to him. A big thank once again.

Parents ofChong Chen Yik Ethan

Leniz从十八个月就开始在Cherie Hearts上学了,我们选择Cherie Hearts是因为这里的环境安全又卫生.Leniz从一开始年纪还小时只能用肢体语来表达自己,到现在沟上完全没有问题,我们都感到非常高兴.Leniz的语言能力很好,华语,英语和马来语都没有问题,让我们感到骄傲很欣慰.除此之外,Leniz也是一个独立和有纪律的好孩子.

ParentsLeniz Lew Xun Lei

时间过得很快,转眼菊萱就要毕业于Cherie Hearts。Cherie Hearts是一所设备完善的幼儿园,这里的老师们都很有爱心和责任心.在这三年里,菊萱吸取了很多知识,掌握了三语及待人处事的道理.看着菊萱一天天快乐地成长,各方面都进步和懂事了许多.身为父母的我们有说不出的感激和喜悦.尤其在音乐会到她在舞台上信心满满的演讲和舞蹈,表现让我们感动万分.在此,我们由衷地感谢Cherie Hearts及老师们给予菊萱的教导及鼓励.谢谢.

Parents of Genice Gan Ju Xuan

We choose Cherie Hearts, a well-rounded education system that includes a curriculum which builds a child’s emotional, intelligence, engage the child socially and stimulate the child’s mentally and physically. We are glad that Loy learns a lot in school and is encouraged to be independent. He always looks forward to go to school and hang around with his friends. We would like to thank the teachers wholeheartedly, you have done a marvellous job!

Parents of Loy Ng Peng Hong

Cherie Hearts is one of those admired kindergarten we came across. Being a Cherian, Dhiviya become bolder, approachable, and inquisitive. Thank you.

Parents ofLim Chee Heng Tony

岁月如歌,时光飞逝,勋妮将从Cherie Hearts毕业了!首先感谢学校及各位老师的精心及照顾,让勋妮健康地成长及爱学习,也扩大了朋友圈和开拓视野.再一次对幼儿园及老师表示感谢,希望学校越办越好,桃李满天下!

Parents of Shani Yow Xun Nee

Cherie Hearts is one of those admired kindergarten we came across. Being a Cherian, Dhiviya become bolder, approachable, and inquisitive. Thank you.

Parents of Dhiviya Ravindaran