How to Prevent Child Abuse in the Society

A story of a three-year-old on how he/ she was abused sexually, physically, emotionally, or through neglect is just heartbreaking.

After having been a child or having one of your own whom  you love unconditionally, you can imagine how hurtful it can be.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent child abuse and neglect in the society from facing this kind of monstrosity.

Most kids who suffer the inhuman acts spend the rest of their lives blaming themselves and feeling less than others.

Despite the multiple sessions of therapy, at some point, they still define themselves through what happened to them.

You might think that it doesn’t happen to all the kids in the neighborhood when there are predators all around you. Some of them are parents, and the rest may be trusted people in society.

Here are ways by which we can help prevent child abuse;

Be Keen to Spot the Signs. Recognizing child abuse is the first step of  helping exploited children. However, it is hard when it is verbal abuse and neglect. It is, therefore, vital to keep in mind that child abuse is real and look for any symptoms just in case there is a kid who desperately needs help. Remember most victims of child abuse, are afraid of speaking out because their abusers threaten them to hurt them if they let the cat out of the basket.

Provide Resources. Difficult economic times encourage child abuse. This could be in the form of neglect when parents need time to find ways to make ends meet, or physical abuse because of anger and stress. You can help prevent such incidents by offering financial help if you are in a position to help. If you do not have any money, try talking to your fellow parent by helping them realize what they are doing to the future of their kid calmly. Help them understand that the financial crisis may pass but the inscribed sad moments in their child’s heart may not be erased.

Support Children. Children learn by imitation. Most of them see their parents as role models. Unfortunately, some adults are not the best to learn from. If a kid is constantly being corrected by violence, they grow up believing that it’s the right way to correct mistakes. They may also learn the use of drugs and carry that forward in their lives.To prevent the repetition of the ugly incidences, talk to the child, help them through therapy, and show them the right path when they are still young. Show them love and give them a better example to follow.

Raise Awareness. As the adage goes, knowledge is power. Most cases of child abuse happen because many people don’t know some things they see can be classified as abuse. Educate the individuals on all the types of violence, and educate them to advocate against child abuse. You may also help other parents realize that they have been unconsciously hurting their children. Talk about child abuse at your place of work, your church, with your friends, social platforms, neighbors, and every other chance you get. All conferences or any other prevention programs on child abuse can go a long way in violence prevention.

Organize and Encourage People to Participate in Campaigns. There are many institutions that have the potential of campaigning and be heard. They just require someone to lead them and encourage them to join in. Talk to religious leaders, political leaders, activists, celebrities, schools, etc. Meet and organize child abuse prevention movements in your city or community. It starts small and finally spreads nationally.

Document Any Child Abuse. Documentation can go a long way to preventing child maltreatment. It helps as a form of evidence when you want to report a case. See that you write exactly what you see. Include the time, location, and date of the incidence. As much as it may hurt you and cause you hurtful feelings, don’t let emotions dictate what you document. You can then use the document to report the predator. This will help in the prevention of child abuse by ensuring the predator is locked up and does not continue hurting the kid or any other kids in the future.

Measures to Take as a Parent to Prevent Yourself from Abusing Your Kids

Sometimes, as much as you love your kid(s), you could end up becoming the greatest enemy of their progress and happiness. For loving parents, this happens without their knowledge. To avoid these scenarios, see that you observe the following;

Try to understand your kids. Learn to see that you know what your children are capable of at different ages. Avoiding pushing them to do things that are beyond them as the frustration of them failing can lead to abuse.

Maintain healthy routines for kids. Denying your children healthy food, enough sleep, and healthcare is a form of abuse.

Be careful with what you say to your kids. Kids can be annoying at times and can make you angry. This can cause you to utter hurtful words to them. Sometimes kids don’t move on from the painful words. Therefore, learn to control yourself when you are angry.

Control yourself when you are punishing your kids. Remember, physical punishment can easily turn to physical abuse when not controlled. If you suspect you have anger issues, use positive punishment instead.

Make your home violent-free. You do not want your children to have any ideas of violence in their heads. Turn off the TV stations showing violent acts and discourage violent individuals around your home.

Take breaks from your children. Sometimes being around kids all the time can be tiring, which may lead to child abuse. Avoid getting to this point by taking a break to recharge.


National child abuse has destroyed the lives of many innocent children all over the world. If we do not direct our attention to the matter; more children will become victims of the same predators.

Remember, even though your children have not been affected, it may happen to them as it can happen to anyone.

Don’t let it get to this; commit to learning the different forms of child abuse. Also, educate other people on the forms of child abuse and their symptoms.

Kids safety is very crucial, if the intruder is a parent, they can go for foster care.


Special note: While choosing a preschool, daycare, nursery for your children, be very mindful of selecting a brand that assures proper child safety and care.

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