How to Encourage Preschoolers to Write

Encouraging a preschooler to write

Encouraging a preschooler to write

One of the toughest parts of dealing with a preschooler is showing them how to write and getting them to love it.

Writing is vital in your toddler’s education in multiple ways and in the future.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of learning to write and EASY tips to encourage your child to love it.

Why the Learning Skill is Crucial

  • Writing is in our everyday life. Whether it is using a pen or typing, we have to write every day. We need to fill in our details at the doctor’s office, the bank, and job application forms, just to mention a few. All these events call for clear writing.
  • Writing is part of a student’s journey. During exams, schools will require students to write short or long answers. As a child grows, they will need to acquire a better and professional writing skill. Nowadays, writing an essay is part of the requirements of being enrolled in a college.
  • It’s impossible to get a job without the ability to write. An employment’s journey begins with submitting a resume and application letter. Later in the job, an employer is required to do research and draft a report, do administrative duties, or write a press release. 
  • Writing is a major way of communication. Whether it is through messages, email, or letters – it’s the easiest way to reach out to our friends and relatives. There will also be treaties, leases, and signing contracts.
  • Writing is a crucial outreach. Sometimes when you are going through a rough time, the one way to heal is by writing down what we are feeling.

How to Get Toddlers to Love Writing

This may come as a surprise to you, but writing can give children a hard time like math, and other “difficult” subjects do.

Some children find it challenging to write with a good flow which frustrates them and discourages them from writing. 

This is why you should start motivating your child to write at a younger age to avoid any problems in the future.

The big question is – How do you do that?

Let’s dive right into it;

1. Great Writers are Avid Readers

This is a fact that we cannot ignore. If you want your preschooler to love writing, you have to encourage her to read and give stories.

Take her to the bookstore and let her choose a book of her choice, take turns as you read together.

Challenge her by telling her to read advanced materials sometimes. 

Role-play with her as a doctor, a chef, and let her learn the different vocabulary. Talking to kids goes a long way in improving their interest in writing.

2. Don’t Ignore the Small Wins

Every success deserves a celebration. When your kindergartener scribbles something you cannot read, and she tells you it’s her name – celebrate!

When she writes something out of this planet and reads it to you – she just wrote, enjoy the triumph.

It is this motivation that makes the difference.

3. Are You a Good Role Model?

Your kid is a mini-you; she wants to do everything you are doing. This means she will love writing more if she catches mommy in the act.

You can start small by writing the grocery list together, sending an email or message to grandma as a team or sending a thank you note to someone.

4. Be Adventurous

Have a variety of writing materials for your kid. You can get her chalk and a chalkboard, marking pens to use on manila paper, marking colors and pencils for a drawing book, etc. 

Be creative and find her as many surfaces as possible. By shifting from one to another, she does a lot without getting bored because of the monotony. 

When she has familiarized herself with all letters, you can let her type in the computer (increase the brightness & font size to prevent eye-straining).

5. Writing Corner

Create a small space for your toddler with all the tools she needs. Having her personal space to rehearse her writing may make her love it more.

If your space is limited, create a portable box for her with all her items, and keep it in a place, she can access it anytime.

6. Allow Your Child to Help with Your Writing

“If mommy can trust me to do it, then I am really great at it!” That’s the kind of attitude that you encourage when you let your child help you.

Let her write a meal list for your family, write a thank you note for your neighbor or even prepare a packing list of the things she will need for a trip.

Being involved in authentic writing boosts her confidence in writing.

7. Experiment with all Different Genres

There are so many ways that your child can learn writing. Don’t be stuck in the formal style. 

You can teach your child how to cook and tell her to write down the ingredients and recipe for the dish (it doesn’t have to be right as long as she is writing it).

If she loves to write poems, let her break the rules of the rhyming words and let her go for it. If she doesn’t feel inspired to write her own creative story, let her write her favorite one (some people are meant to write book reviews, not books).

8. Don’t Stress Out on Her Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Writing can get boring if it comes with scolding all the time. As a child continues to grow and practice, her grammar will improve.

Every child learns at a different speed, take time before you decide which words to hold her accountable for if she writes wrongly.

Otherwise, let her be. The grammar and spelling knowledge will eventually grow in her. 

We are not saying “IGNORE,” we are just saying know the “WHEN.”

9. Give Support & Encouragement

When she comes with a writing assignment, talk about the topic and the ideas she has. Add any contributions you may have BUT don’t replace her idea with yours.

Help her work through with the spelling and punctuation after she completes her project.

Be helpful but avoid criticizing her because this may demoralize her and discourage her from asking for help next time.


Whether you are reading this to top up the knowledge of your kid or homeschooling them, we hope you got great tips to encourage kids to read.

Comment below and tell us other tips you use to encourage your tot to write. 






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