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Eco Palladium,
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Cherie Hearts International Preschool & Kindergarten
Eco Palladium Branch

The History and Growth of Eco Palladium, Johor Bahru

We are proud to announce that Cherie Hearts will be opening a new centre in Eco Palladium.

It will be situated at a prestigious address, Eco Palladium that represents the epitome of magnificent shopping and lifestyle experience where both business and pleasure co-exist within a luxurious and opulent classic European setting basing on four main pillars.

Eco Palladium boasts of an array of Food & Beverage outlets that serve both local, international and fusion cuisines and is set to be a foodie hub in Johor Bahru while the retail and services outlets feature latest in-trend merchandises and facilities for all.

There are also many Education based centers and businesses for both adults and kids to participate in pursuit of their learning and skills enrichment goals.  In addition, there is an exclusive wellness section where a medical center, clinics, wellness salons and spas are clustered in one block.

Eco Palladium is surrounded by matured townships, offers an excellent passing foot traffic, a spacious retail space granting exceptional exposure and a flexible and modern working environment affording great networking potential to both the visitors and occupants.

Cherie Hearts is an international, middle to high-end Childcare and Preschool.  Cherie Hearts Eco palladium has 5000 square feet of space and plays with an indoor playground, kid-friendly library, Classroom and environment.

Cherie Hearts Eco Palladium programs & operating hours

We open from 7:30am to 7:00pm on all working days and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays for enquiries and visits. 

Our program for ages 2 months to 6 years are catered to prepare your child for elementary-grade international school and for mainstream primary school.  Our program focuses on English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Phonics and Mathematics. The following are the programmes available at Cherie Hearts:

Infant Care 2 months to 17 months old
Playgroup 1 18 months old to 2 years old
Playgroup 2 3 years old
Nursery 4 years old
Kindergarten 1 5 years old
Kindergarten 2 6 years old

Why send your child to Cherie Hearts Eco Palladium ?

Class size

We take the education and safety of the children under our care very seriously. As such, we make sure to keep our class sizes as small as possible so that no child is left behind. 

Our class teacher to student ratio is as follows:

  • Infant (2 to 17 months) – 1:3
  • Playgroup 1 (18 months to 35 months) – 1:5
  • Playgroup 2 (3 years old) – 1:8
  • Nursery (4 years old) – 1:10
  • Kindergarten 1 & 2 (5 to 6 years old) – 1:12

Special programs offered

Cherie Hearts has various enrichment classes for music, Abacus, Mental Mathematics, Speech and Drama etc, for after-school programs. We also have Student Care for kids between ages 7-12 years old.

Student Care 7 years old to 12 years old
Emergency Care 2 months old to 12 years old
Flexi Care

(Customized Hour)

2 months old to 12 years old
Enrichment Programmes 4 years old to 12 years old


Our interactive curriculum focuses on the holistic development of each child. We believe that physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development are all equally important. Thus, our lessons are specially designed to encourage children to think, question, learn, and problem solve. 

Our curriculum also includes an excellent Trilingual pre-school programme that covers the three main languages spoken in Malaysia – English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. 

Activity-based learning

Children learn and remember concepts better when they are actively engaged in the lesson. At Cherie Hearts Eco Palladium, we have a good balance of active and passive learning as well as child and teacher-led activities. 

Students are given the opportunity to explore and discover and this encourages independent learning. We believe that these skills will be incredibly useful as they move to primary and even secondary school. 

How to get to Cherie Hearts Eco Palladium

For your convenience, you can also locate us from the google map link or waze link below to our precise address and location of Cherie Hearts Eco Palladium.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/zSi1KHv16JkUe2nR8

Waze: https://waze.com/ul/hw23c111g5

For further enquiries, please contact us at +6010-2777 349

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