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Our Programmes

CH Global Resources Sdn. Bhd. (843265-W) believes that every aspect of a child’s development should be recognised, nurtured and developed holistically.

Children’s learning at every level is focused on knowledge, skills, abilities, dispositions and feelings. These are intellectual dispositions that help children as they learn to think and think to learn. Such dispositions can be observed when children are engaged meaningfully in the investigation of things around them, trying to find answers to their questions and solutions to problems that they may encounter. These opportunities are provided in our curriculum.

  • Infant Care - 2 months to 17 months
  • Playgroup 1 - 18 months turning 30 months
  • Playgroup 2 - 30 months turning 4 years old
  • Nursery - 4 years old
  • Kindergarten 1 - 5 years old
  • Kindergarten 2 - 6 years old (or still entry to Pri 1)
  • Student Care - 7 to 12 years old
  • Drop-Off Services - 2 months to 12 years old

Children's Learning Journey

The Cherie Hearts Curriculum gives children the autonomy through a uniquely designed approach – The CHILD Approach – Children Holistically Inquire to Learn and Develop. This approach is crafted using local context setting that enhances children’s learning through concrete, attention-grabbing and meaningful experiences. At the same time, children also learn to understand and appreciate their learning environment in the Centre as well as the environment around them. They will also be exposed to multi-cultural settings and values that are incorporated in our curriculum.

Cherie Hearts offers an excellent Trilingual pre-school programme in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia for children from 18 months to 6 years old. Our team of professional and dedicated staff are trained to carry out our unique curriculum.

The Child Approach Curriculum

Cherie Hearts Group International with its team of in-house specialists in Early Childhood, Child Development and Child Psychology has developed an active and interactive curriculum. The curriculum focuses on promoting the growth of the child in all areas of development – Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Language. Therefore, the curriculum’s focal point is to develop a whole child.

Lessons are planned in progression over the various age levels from Playgroup 1 to Kindergarten 2. This facilitates continuous learning because each lesson is built upon the previous lesson and the children’s prior knowledge. Our teachers are guided and trained to use the prescribed lessons to ensure that the quality of the curriculum is adhered to in all the Cherie Hearts centres.

There are three curricula designed


My First Journey Curriculum

For Infant Care


Jump Start Years Curriculum

For Playgroup 1 and 2 children


Bridging Years Curriculum

For Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2.

My First Journey

We have heard a lot about the importance of stimulation and brain growth, and the first three years of life are critical to a child’s intellectual and emotional development. Thus a lack of stimulation can be very detrimental to a child’s development. We, at Cherie Hearts recognize the purpose of having an infant and toddler curriculum is to provide ample opportunities for infants and toddlers to have their first exploration, first discovery, first experience, and much more.

The developmental domains that set the foundation for infants and toddlers are:

  • Language and Communication
  • Cognitive
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Many aspects of development occur in more than one domain. Exploration, perception, communication, mobility, self-competence, trust, relationships, independence and impulse control (around 18 months) are all goals of development for infants and toddlers.

Experiences and activities that support these areas make the best ‘curriculum’ for infants and toddlers. As such My First Journey consists of activities that stimulate the development of the various domains and could help to meet the needs of every infant and toddler.

With My First Journey, infants and toddlers would have a collection of first experiences and it also recognises the most important ‘things’ in a child’s environment are stable, loving, attentive educarers.

Jump Start Years Curriculum

The Jump Start Years Curriculum introduces various learning experiences to develop children’s various intelligences identified in the following areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Cognitive Domain
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Language Acquisition
  • Aesthetic & Affective Domains

Bridging Years Curriculum

The Bridging Years enhances on what the children have been exposed to in Jump Start Years and introduces learning experiences to develop children’s various intelligences as identified in the following areas:

  • Aesthetic & Creative
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Language & Literacy
  • Motor Development
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Self & Social Awareness

The curriculum is carried out in a conducive learning environment where children are given opportunities to explore and extend their learning using various learning centres. This helps to cultivate a positive ‘I can learn’ attitude among the children. The activities, materials and games in the learning centres are specially designed to engage children in their thinking and active learning. This helps support the planned lessons, reinforces the concepts by revisiting, and promotes self-directed, independent and co-operative play and learning.

The School Readiness Programme for Kindergarten 2 children is a holistic approach designed specially to help the children transit smoothly from pre-school to the formal system in Primary School. The School Readiness Programme will emphasize on academic achievements, nurture and prepare children for the social and emotional adjustments that they will face in a Primary One school setting.

ORFF Schulwerk

We are glad to announced that Cherie Hearts Malaysia has incorporated Orff Schulwerk, or simply the Orff Approach into our teaching at no additional charge. Orff Schulwerk is a German music approach used in various local and international educational centres and schools in Malaysia. All classes are conducted by passionate, loving and trained teachers with music qualification.

What is the Orff Approach to music?

The Orff approach involves singing, body percussion, playing on a variety of both tuned and untuned instruments, movement and dancing, and speech activities to encourage active music making. It was conceived by German composer, Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman. Its foundation was concerned with the child: the needs of the child and the emphasis on nourishing the musicality of each child through elemental activities in music and movement. The Orff approach to music engages the child’s mind and body through lessons that are presented with an element of “play” which is similar to a child’s world of thought and fantasy. It also increases motor skills, improves social skills, group coordination, promotes creative thinking and problem-solving.

Enrichment Programmes

  • Speech and Drama
  • Abacus
  • Art and Craft
  • Reading Programmes
  • Music and Movement

Cherie Hearts Yearbook

Yearbook season comes around at the end of every school year, and we in Cherie Hearts International Preschool are delighted to personally craft and design the Yearbook so that the parents and students of Cherie Hearts can preserve their wonderful memories with us.

As our students embark on a new chapter of their life, this Yearbook serves an important purpose to capture beautiful moments, events that happened, faces that changed and memories that may only be remembered again by opening the cover.

We understand the excitement of the parents to have the yearbook featuring their little one. They enjoy seeing how their child grew through these years and the fun that their little one had while studying with us in Cherie Hearts.

Every Cherian who has completed a full schooling year at any Cherie Hearts International Preschool branch, is entitled for their very own personalized Yearbook.

Their picture will be featured on the front and back cover like a little super star!

What are you waiting for?

Contact the Centre Manager or the Principal of your respective centre now for more information.