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Negative Effects of Technology on Children & What to Do

Negative Effects of Technology on Children

We cannot deny the growth of technology in our lives. Technology is a great thing that we should all embrace to run our lives smoothly. Our only concern is when it comes to children. What happens when they are left alone to determine what they should see or not see on the internet?

Children have access to the internet as much as adults do. If mommy stays on her screen all day, what is wrong with that?

We are also guilty of silencing our kids with a game in our tablet just so we can complete that laundry or report. It is just part of the parenting hack.

Through the internet, our children learn more than we thought they would learn, and that is definitely impressive.

But what if what they gain is less than the damage they get? Here are some ways that technology may  negatively affect your child without your knowledge;

Poor Relationship and Social Skills

When you walk in a family gathering, it is not surprising to find everyone on their phones. Some kids are spending too much  time online, and they are slowly getting disconnected with their family and friends.

The moment you begin silencing your tot with your tablet, they begin to enjoy the virtual world more.

By the time they have grown up, the parent bond that was once there is no more. Even worse, all your kid is doing is texting with her friend on Facebook, sharing photos on snap chat and Instagram and no physical meetings.

We are not saying being online and be virtually connected to friends and relatives is bad, but too much of it does more damage than good to the relationship.

Health Problems

Too much time on the screen can affect the health of your child. The first way it does this is because they no longer want to spend time eating healthy, so they replace that with snacks.

Once your toddler is stuck in screens, they are no longer interested in going running or playing with other kids outdoors. This may lead to obesity issues.

Playing outside is important for child development

It may also delay cognitive development that is developed by playing outside.

To prevent this from going on, parents should have the “technology talk ” with the children and explain that there is time for everything. Time to go play outside and time to play games online.

Remember, it is your responsibility as a parent to measure the quantity of time spent on devices by your kid as well as the quality of what they learn.

Browsing Online Can Be Dangerous

We have all come across a link that had a promising content, but it turned out to be something far from it after clicking it.

As an adult, you understand these things, and it is easy to evade them. However, some sites that claim to be advertising products are just a link of evil things that our kids can run into.

It is in these sites that they see adult videos and begin having curiosity, which is not healthy at a young age.

Some people running the sites my lure your kid to doing something immoral that will hurt their development.

Kids can have access to search for anything they require online but parents have to monitor what they see online. It is through guiding them that you protect them from dangers.

One easy way of doing this is by use of internet filtering tools or block browsers if you think something is not appropriate.

Reduced Sleep Quality

Is your child getting enough sleep? If not, does it have anything to do with too much use of mobile devices? Let’s find out.

JAMA Pediatrics observed that children have at least one gadget in their bedroom. They realized that having the screen devices reduces sleep quantity and quality.

Children are sleeping for a fewer  hours than they should. So, what’s the problem with that? The consequences of the lack of enough sleep are critical.

It is during sleep that the brain clears all the unnecessary things in our brain preparing it for a new day. If the process does not happen at night, they have to do it later in the day. As a result, your kid will struggle all day.

To help your child, talk to him/her about the problems that they develop by staying up late. Balancing his/her screen time will improve sleep quantity.

Is the Smartphone Affecting Your Parent-Child Bond?

How many times have you checked your notifications today? Your WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, who liked at your photo. Most people do it every now and then.

We are not saying social media should be closed down…no; it comes with multiple benefits because was it not for technology; you wouldn’t be able to read this article. It is also a great way of overcoming stress and killing boredom.

We are just saying when you are around your child; you may consider regulating it. Kids learn by observing adults in their life. Your child is, therefore, missing a major development phase if you are always on your phone.

Try being present for your kid, show them how real life and connecting with real people is like.

It Causes Eye Strain

Unlike your eyes, the eyes of your toddler are still developing. Spending eight hours or more on the screen may lead to sight problems. The gadgets emit radioactive rays that affect developing eyes.

Eye strain can lead to focus issues, blurry vision, and fatigue, which is dangerous. This is temporary, but if it goes on for longer periods, it may lead to near-sightedness.

It Increases the Risk of Cancer

Computer screens and mobile screens radiation emissions increase the risk of cancer, especially for kids.

This is why the American Society of Cancer discourages the use of the devices by kids.


One Final Word

Technology has many positives that outweigh the negativity it brings. It is hard to control, the gadget usage of your children if you are always on your phone.

The regulation of internet usage begins with us as parents –  avoid being on your phone when your toddler is telling you what they learned in school.

Have real conversations with your toddler and know-how her life is like, and the challenges she may be facing.

Show them the importance of having physical meetings with friends and relatives.

Teach them to divide their time and balance their online games with their physical games.

It may be the best lesson you will ever teach them.


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