24 Adorable Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony Ideas

cherie hearts toddlers playingYour little one is making small strides towards adulthood. They have completed kindergarten programme headed to elementary school; they definitely deserve a kindergarten graduation party to feel motivated and excited for their next chapter of life. Make sure you know the date in advance and make kindergarten graduation invitations.

We have gathered 24 kindergarten creative and cute graduation ideas that will blow up your toddler’s mind. Be sure to inform friends and family on the graduation day in advance to ensure they clear their calendars. Don’t forget to make your tot a kindergarten yearbook including photos of the big day, for future memories.

1. Buckets of Fun Grad Favor

After completing the preschool programme, kids are ready to get in their “partying” mood; it is time to have a healthy break and play their hearts out before resuming school. Make your child a bucket of fun, including toys and items that interest them and trigger their field fantasies. A kid’s bucket can be anything related  to their interests.

2. Dr. Seuss Outdoor Party

The party originated from honouring the child of the author of all times birthday, Dr Seuss. Throw your kindergarten graduate a Dr. Seuss themed party and spice it up with fanciful colors to give the party a child charm look.

3. Grad Cap Party Favors

It’s their graduation day, spoil them a little bit by treating their sweet tooth with a DIY  grand-party ideas. Make a graduation cap mason jar. Fill the jar with their favourite candy or your kid’s kindergarten colours to match the theme of the day.

kindergarten Ceremony at cherie hearts

4. Sidewalk Chalk Photo

This is one of the greatest kids gift  you could possibly give your kid. A sidewalk chalk photo involves writing anything on the ground and snapping them a photo when lying beside it. It could be anything from what they want to become in the future to their best drawings.

5. Alphabet Inspired Food Labels

Preschool graduation ceremony is about your child, you want them to feel the joy of learning new alphabets. Choose food labels with your child’s best alphabet letters. Pick friendly foods such as mozzarella sticks, cookies, and butter sandwiches.

6. Graduation Cap Cupcakes

The little angels deserve an A+ party. Flip a bite-sized brownie upside down and attach a square on top to resemble a graduation cap, using melted chocolate. Fashion a colourful tassel out of rope candies and chocolates. This will be the best-shaped chocolate they will have ever eaten in their lives.

7. School Supplies Cake

This is a good time to gift your kid with products to use in elementary school. Make it a colourful gift by making a fashion tiered cake of art supplies using glue. Flavor it with some alphabet labels (it could be the initials of the kindergarten graduate) and some ribbons.

8. Children’s Art Photo Book

It has been a long way since your tot joined kindergarten. She has drawn some amazing and laughable arts. Use her graduation season to combine the best graduation craft art she has done into an art book. This is how childhood memories are created, don’t let your kid miss out, and plus it’s one of the graduation gifts.

Kids playing at kindergarten ceremony

9. Candy Class Rings

Every graduate deserves a class ring right? Well, your toddler is no exception, give out ring-shaped lollipops for class rings. See that you put a sticker of your child’s graduation year to customize it.

10. Tissue Paper Sign

Tissue papers can do a great job when it comes to customizing your kid’s graduation party. Stick some colourful tissues (probably the colour of their school colours) on top of his/her graduation year. Of course, you will have to start by writing their graduation year with a pencil before you stick the tissues for a great appeal. You can also add a graduation quote if you want to add an extra touch.

11. Mason Jar Art Kit

The Mason jar art kit is a chance to gift your kid with art supplies that they can use later in their studies. Add a name tag of your child to the jar to personalize it. You can put anything ranging from crayons, rubbers to painting items.

12. Dr. Seuss Cupcakes

Everyone loves cupcakes. During her kindergarten party, you can turn her favourite cupcakes into fanciful treats by decorating vanilla and chocolate with bright neon buttercream. Include Dr. Seuss labels to add the childlike charm.

13. Dr. Seuss Treat Bags

Kindergarten kids  love snacks, being a time of celebrating success and the spirit of moving forward; you want to give snacks a different feel. For example, you may print some papers with a positive and motivational quote, and wrap candy using it.

14. S’more Pops

There are multiple ways through which S’more Pops can be made. Make some chocolate sandwich cookies with white chocolate and accompany it with all kind of sprinkles. You can choose to add more flavor by organizing your cookies in a bucket with more candy from your tot’s school color.

15. School Colors Chocolate Covered Oreos

A tassel garland can be a good way to spruce up a graduation party wall. This one is easy to make; you only need; tissue paper in your kid’s school color, yarn, and scissors.

Kindergarten salary kids playing

16. DIY Tassel Swag

Tassel garlands are a common way of decorating occasions. It is super-easy and cheap. Tissue garlands are for all sorts of things in all sizes. For instance, you can attach them to a helium balloon and use it as a photo display or a chair decorator.

17. Baby Picture Garland

Reflect on the development and milestones of your kid through the adorable baby garland. Decorate their black and whites photos with great colored hats for entertainment. This is a fabulous way to decorate any party.

18. Banana Split Bites

Your child will have fun creating banana splits with his/her friends. Include different toppings like nuts, crushed up cookies and sprinkles so that the graduate and her/his friends can personalize their banana split pop.

19. Last Day of School Survey

It is always encouraging to reflect on where you have come from to accomplish what you have achieved. Encourage your tot to reflect on what they have learned along their way. Give them a chance to show off their new art and new skills such as how to spell their names on their last day in kindergarten.

20. End of the Year Signed Pillowcase

This graduation idea will motivate your kindergarten graduate to continue pressing on their life goals. Print a motivational quote of Dr. Seuss on the goodie bag labels and fill your treat bags with candies. See that you are creative with the shape of candies; for example, global-shaped candies are a good way to let them know they got the whole world on their hands.

21. Personalized Notebook

Kids value friendship. It is, therefore, good to create memories for them by making a personalized book with photos of their pals. Take the graduation party as a chance to take as many photos as possible for the notebook

22. Photo Coasters

The photo coasters adds a decorative element to any graduation party. Use the photos of your kids, classmates and teacher who made the kindergarten journey successful.

23. Jump Rope

Provide your tot with presents to utilize during their summer holidays. Buy some colorful jump ropes and personalize with an artsy label to give as party favors to kids who attend the party.


24. Graduation Fruit Cups

The theme of the graduation party should clearly state that it’s a kids party. Graduation fruit cups will see the little kids enjoy the party. You only need a string, construction paper, and googly eyes to make the cups.

Happy kids playing in cherie hearts

Wrapping Up on Kindergarten Graduation

Every success deserves to be celebrated. It is the good memories of accomplishment that pushes us to do better in our next chapter in life. It is, therefore, critical that you organize a graduation party for your kindergarten toddler as they prepare for elementary school.

You can team up with other kindergarten parents and the teacher to organize a joint party if all the plans and cost seem high. Remember to customize a gift for your kindergarten graduate for making the journey worth remembering for him/her.

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