How to Teach Your Kid How to Spell – The Right Way


How to teach your kid to spell

If you are a preschooler’s parent, you know the hassle that comes with spelling words correctly.

You may have tried to show her how to correct her mistakes with no success. This can be a bit frustrating.

The first thing you need to understand is that there is nothing wrong with your toddler. All this is new to her, and it is not as easy to her as it seems to you.

The second thing you need to understand is that scolding her and giving her too much pressure won’t help her either; it will just lower her self-esteem and make it worse.

So what is the solution?

Read to the end and learn every trick to use to teach your toddler to spell successfully

Why Would You Be Interested in Teaching Your Child How to Spell?

To be able to write correctly. If your child cannot spell correctly, she cannot write correctly. This is why spelling is a huge part of her academic success.

To enjoy reading. When your child can spell the words and get the meaning of words, you will see her interest in reading improve

How do you go about it?

The first thing you have to realize is that you have to make it fun. You do not want her to feel like it is another school task. You want it to be something they look forward to every day.

Here are activities to help you improve the spelling skills of your preschooler and boost their confidence;

1. Stepping Game

Cut big pieces of paper and write every alphabet letter. Cut-out all the letters and put them on the floor.

Team up with your child to play the game. One party has to think of a word, and the other player should spell the word by stepping the letters.

2. Stair-Case Spelling

As we said, the easier the game, the better it will improve your kid’s spelling skill. This game includes letting your child spell words like a stair-case by adding one letter in every step.

See the example below;






3. Spelling Ball

This can be both a bonding time as well as a learning time. Together with your family, sit around and toss the ball randomly to any member. Whoever has the ball should say a random word and throw the ball to another individual to spell the word.

Pass the ball around until one person spells it correctly.

4. Magazine Clippings

Sometimes all your child needs is a chance to focus and familiarize with the letters. Give her some old magazines and let her cut letters to spell words.

The time it takes to cut out each letter improves her mastery skills and is likely to do it right next time.

5. Scramble Spelling

You can either use fridge magnets or just cut pieces of papers. Write a word in the wrong order and challenge your kid to spell it right.

To make it more interesting, put a timer to help her focus and think fast.


The test: ESSUCC

Correct Answer: SUCCESS

6. ‘Spelling Train’

To play the spelling train, have your child write down any word, and then come up with another word from the last letter of the previous letter.

It looks something like this;






This can also be a family game when one person says a random word and the next person creates and spells a word from the other player’s last letter, and so on.

7. Online Spelling Games

Technology can be useful if used in the right way. Have your child play online spelling games. They are easy and fun so she will definitely love them.

Be sure to block any adverts that may be inappropriate for her.

8. Spell and Eat

Have some of her favorite snacks and reward them with a piece every time they spell a word correctly.

If your child is a performer and loves success, she will enjoy the win and reward, which encourages her to try the next word.

9. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

To master every art, one must practice it. This applies to spelling expertise too. Don’t do any of these exercises one time and leave it at that.

Keep practicing until she gets it right.

It does get better with time.

Wrapping Up

It is hard for your child to learn how to write and how to read if they still haven’t grasped the art of spelling.

The above tips will help improve your child’s learning abilities.

Don’t get frustrated when your child seems to be taking so long to learn, be patient, and understanding.

The SECRET is making it fun for them such that they don’t realize they are doing it for hours.

All children have different personalities, so you may notice the first method is not effective with your child – move on to the next trick until you get what works for her.





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