20 Best Educational Toys for Your Toddler in 2019

Educational Toys

Is your baby slowly growing into a playful toddler? If the answer is yes, I know there is the pressure of getting him/her the right toy.

You want a toy that is educational and at the same time, one that makes them smile.

In this article, we have combined the top 20 toys that are both educational and fun for your tot. Our collections are based on popularity and reviews.


1.VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

We all know the obsession that comes with the competition of having “mummy and daddy’s phone.” The VTech phone solves this for good. The phone has actual features such as clocks, games, photos, and clocks.

It also allows the child to save at least five contacts that they can pretend to call, as well as five ringtones.

This apps eliminate the risks of social media in little kids that may end up teaching them more than they are required  to know.

While saving the numbers, they will learn more about numbers and letters. They also learn the essence of time through fun games and apps.

It has a bonus feature of a voice activation that allows kids to talk to animated friendly birds.

2.LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven

Something that involves food and music is a crowd pleaser, so this one is going to move your toddler.

It is favorable for kids of 2 years and above for learning fractions and maths as they enjoy their pizzas and count sprinkles on their cupcakes.

Bonus Tip: You can put all the oven parts together for storing, transporting, or easy organization.

3. Mega Blocks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

The game is great for toddlers who are 1+. This game develops motor skills and improves the creativity of a child.

Using the 80 different building blocks, children can make whatever they like and explore to the extent their imagination allows them.

They could make castles, schools, and animals.

Once the game time is over, you can return all the pieces to the bag till the next playtime.

The blocks are small and perfect for little hands, and they are very colorful to keep the baby interested.

This package will keep the kids going on for a while because as they grow up, they get a chance to build something more sophisticated things with their stash.

Educational Toys

4.Melissa & Doug Building Blocks

Is your toddler outgoing the plastic stage and looking for a bigger challenge? This toy will give your tot the engineer feel and let them do their construction work.

The game includes arranging blocks in order. The player has to think critically to see that they don’t fall as they think the next place to place their block.

By arranging the 60 blocks, your kid will learn the virtue of patience and coordination. It also encourages creativity and problem-solving skills,

The best part is probably crashing them down after the game. There is a ready wooden box for storage to see the wooden blocks are intact for the next game.

5.Lego Duplo My First Number Train

This is a perfect educational toy for kids between the ages of 18 months and three years. It is small and safe for the small hands.

The train has 23 pieces that can be removed and assembled as the child grows. The kid, therefore, has a chance to assemble their first toy.

The locomotive and its wagon have numbers 1-9 that teach your kid numbers.

The kitty and two lego duplo characters also boost the storytelling skills of your toddler, which is vital when it comes to reading.

6.Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

By the time your tot is 18 months, they already want to split and cook eggs as you do. The color-egg match set will give you peace of mind as your kid enjoys his/her game and learns.

To begin within; the toy helps the kid learn more about colors as every time they split the egg, they see different colors.

They also improve their motor skills because they have to join the eggs, and they all have different pins and holes to join them back.

The toy comes with a sturdy plastic case to place the eggs when the game is over.

7.Drop and Go Dump Truck

Trucks are the best toys, especially for baby boys. Having an educational one is, therefore, a bonus given the fact it may end up being his favorite in the collection.

This truck has buttons that will teach your tot beautiful songs and sentence construction as well as the name of the tools they use for playing.

Additionally, there are extra colored balls that can be placed in the head of the truck to the hole in the rear bucket. Once they fall in the bucket, unload it and get started again.

When your child grows, there is a string on the truck that will help increase its speed as they drive around the house.

8.Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

We understand the importance of socializing as a child grows. The picnic basket is designed for two characters.

This is, therefore, a good time to socialize and bond with your baby. The game also teaches your toddler on the importance and the notion of sharing with others.

It also improves the child’s hand dexterity as they fill the cups and serve fruits and sandwiches using the forks and knives.

The pack also has 30 audio responses to help a child if they need help role-playing. The audio introduces shapes and colors.

The toddler can neatly pack all their items in a basket once the game is over.

9.Pretend & Play Cash Register

It is never too early to teach your toddler about money. This toy will help your kids learn about currency, spending, and use of credit cards.

The 73-piece cash register set has assorted coins and bills. It also has a calculator powered by solar.

The toy has big buttons that make it easy for small hands to use.

10.Fisher-Price Smart Chair

This is just not any chair; it is a special type that teaches your kid and serves them more as they progress.

By sliding a switch, you can choose the age of the kid for customization.

The chair has over 50 sentences and songs that will motivate your child to stand and dance.

The extra interactive book encourages the kid to find particulars hidden under the chair.

The chair can also be used to store other toys.

11.Catch & Count Wooden Fishing Game

Does your little one fancy fishing? If yes, then this is the perfect game for them to keep them busy.

The game can be played alone when the parents are busy or with a fisherman friend enhancing communication and social skills.

The set has two rods and six wooden magnetic fishes.

It also has a wheel that indicates the fish that the player should fish as well as it’s color. It, therefore, boosts the color and numbers knowledge of the kid.

The fishing process also promotes motor skills and problem-solving.

If your young one doesn’t love fishing and you would love to go fishing with them someday, this game will make it right.

12.Pretend & Play Doctor Kit

This educational toy will help your “little doctor” treat his/her patients. Even for those who do not like a doctor visit, it is a different story when it comes to acting like one.

The set comes with interesting instruments such as a syringe, forceps, scalpel, name tag, a pair of doctor’s glasses! Among other pieces.

A phone can be used to make appointments to add to the fun.

Also, there is a stethoscope that is powered by a battery to check their patient’s heartbeat.

The pack comes with a translucent case to ensure the doctor is mobile and can move to check on their patients if they are too sick to come to them.

13.Fisher-Price Bright Beats

This is about to become your kid’s new bestie.

This robot sings and dances, encouraging your little one to stand and dance too, which is vital in developing their gross motor skills.

The robot also teaches several colors and letters.

If you would love to customize the songs, read a sentence, and Beatbo will create a remix for your kid.

14.VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop

This is also built in the spirit of building child-friendly devices to match their parent’s devices. The laptop has nine buttons and a movable mouse that makes the experience very real.

The game has three learning centers that teach the player on shapes, objects, and music.

Your kid will enjoy the touch and the interactive nature of the toy.

It comes with more than 90 fun phrases, songs, and sentences for kids.

15. Sit-to-Stand Walker

This toy will help your toddler from crawling to walking. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker offers the kid a chance to use technology plus hours of learning.

The walker has an activity panel and a cheering team to motivate a kid as they learn colors, animals, shapes in addition to walking.

Other features are piano keys, colorful rollers, shape sorters, vibrant spinning gears, and buttons that light to excite and stimulate their mind.

16.VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

This educational toy allows your kid to learn about shapes, colors, and animal sounds.

It has five exciting sides that kids can use to improve their creativity and imagination through light-up-buttons, among other things.

It also enhances the development of motor skills as they slide and spin blocks.

The cubes have beautiful colors and make sounds that help keep the player interested.

It also has 25 melody songs that your kid can sing along to as they play.

17.Mag Builders 104 Piece Magnetic Tiles with Storage Case – Magnet Set

This is the top educational toy at the moment. The mag builders give the player a chance to explore and build different objects such as trucks, rockets, trains and more.

As they build, they learn how to mix colors and geometry.

The pack comes with 104 magnetic pieces, 50 squares, eight big squares, 12 right-angled triangles, 15 equilateral triangles, and four magnetic cars.

The set is built for preschoolers and comes with a storage container hence easy to clean-up after projects

18.VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

The desk allows your child to learn multiple skills. If you want to buy only one toy, for now, this should be your go-to educational toy.

The toy has four-sided cards that introduce the players to music, letters, animals, people and more.

It comes with 160 vocabulary words, 20 fun melodies, 30 learning activities, and LED screen that shows kids how to write letters & numbers.

When kids are ready to explore art, they can draw using the easel or chalkboard

PS: The set does not have an eraser and chalk, but you can buy them and add to the collection.

19.VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

This will allow your tot to rock and roll. The toy amplifies your baby’s voice like a real microphone encouraging them to sing.

It comes with 12 melody sounds to introduce the toddler to instruments.

Also, when the kid shakes the rattle, it makes funny sounds and phrases.

The cute puppy button is a dear friend who encourages them to sing along to their songs.

The red ring introduces the child to 12 different animals, over 60 phrases, songs, and melodies.

20.Touch and Teach Word Learning Book

Touch & Teach Word Book comes with 90 creative sounds, more than 100 words, 12 exceptionally interactive pages, and 15 melodies.

Every page that the toddler touches reacts with sounds, words, or music to keep them engaged to the end.

The characters Cora the Smart Cub, Cody, and Smart Cub, add to the fun as the child associates sounds and pictures. Pictures come to life with a simple touch of a finger adding to the fun of the toy.

This the best toy for toddlers as it comes with four play modes that include; Find It Quiz Game, What’s That Word?, Letter Fun and Music Time.

Final Word

As your child grows, it is your responsibility as a parent to encourage them to pursue their interests.

You can take their interests to your advantage and help by using them to learn motor skills, numbers, letters, and music, among other skills.

Ensure that every time you are about to purchase a toy, you see that it is not only an entertainment object but an educational tool as well.

Using an educational toy is the best way to ensure your toddler keeps learning as they have fun.

Good luck in choosing the best toy for your kid. Remember to consider their interests or even better let them accompany you to the store and let them do the choosing.


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