Cherie Hearts
Virtual Classes

Are you worried that your pre-schooler will miss out on school and be left behind during the pandemic?

Looking for an alternative to classroom learning?

At Cherie Hearts, we offer virtual classes so your little ones can stay on track!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many educational institutions to turn to virtual classes to continue the learning curves of children.

At Cherie Hearts International Preschool, our young ones are our priority. We want to offer our best to our Little Cherians even during stressful times like these.

We have tailored virtual classes that focus on creating fun, low-key learning opportunities for kids. And we hope that by doing so, our students will continue to hit all their developmental and learning milestones.

Advantages of virtual classes

Virtual learning actually offers many benefits for both students and teachers.

  • Students can attend virtual classes anytime, and anywhere.
  • Higher student attendance.
  • Effective time management.
  • Sharpened digital skills
  • Enables the students to learn at their own pace.
  • Encourages dynamic interaction between teachers and students.
  • No concerns on children’s health and safety.
  • Can be tailored to numerous learning styles.
  • Parent involvement

How are the virtual classes conducted?

At Cherie Hearts, our online classes are just as important as our traditional classroom settings. Our curriculum is specially crafted and formulated for young ones. With five-day classes a week, the schedule is carefully planned and only one subject taken up a day.
All measures have been taken to keep the curriculum age appropriate for our young students. In fact, our trained teachers make virtual classes just as fun (if not more) as face-to-face learning!

Our online platform for virtual classes

Cherie Hearts continues to support and nurture our Little Cherians through virtual classes. Our classes are conducted via Seesaw, a digital communication platform that allows teachers to post and provide relevant information.

Parents and children will be able to access it via an app on the phone or computer and the best part about our online platform is that it’s really easy to use! The app allows parents to view information posted as well as to respond and interact with the teacher.

Seesaw is a platform that is extremely convenient and facilitates communication between parents and teachers.
With Seesaw, lessons are conveyed via video, audio, text and images.

For example, students may need to watch a video, and follow instructions to complete a task at home using materials that are found in the house. Once the task is completed, they can take a picture and upload it to the platform for teachers to check.

The activities that we use for virtual classes are designed to let kids explore a whole new world of learning that is fun and engaging.
Don’t be surprised if your little one wakes up excited every morning to attend our virtual classrooms!


1. Who is the facilitator of the virtual classes?

Our team of teachers from Cherie Hearts will be facilitating the virtual classes. We have been trained to conduct online classes and engage with the children in their virtual classes via activities that will capture their attention.

2. What is the platform or application that you will be using?

Virtual classes will be conducted using the application Seesaw. Please click on the link for a better understanding on how the app works

3. What are the subjects that will be taken up in virtual classes?

All subjects based on the existing curriculum will be taken up during the virtual classes.

4. Will there be a teacher to observe each child during classes on attentiveness?

Adult guidance is needed, but the teacher will be online to help and guide them.

5. How many days will the classes be there in a week?

The classes will be held 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.

6. Is my child required to wear uniforms during the class?

No, children are not required to wear a uniform during a class.

7. How long is the duration of each session per subject?

  • Pre-recorded lessons – 2 to 10 mins
  • Activity time- 15 to 30 mins
  • Homework of the day

8. Is there any homework given to each child?

Yes. Homework may consist of an activity sheet that is to be completed on the computer or laptop or may be an activity or mini-project.

In the latter case, all your child needs to do is to take a picture of the work and submit the picture. Formative assessments will also be carried out to ensure that your child is learning, growing and achieving all the age-appropriate milestones.

9. How do we submit the homework?

The parents will be required to add a response on SeeSaw to submit the homework. Additionally, they may do it on the screen and take a picture of their work. To submit homework with the Seesaw app, all that needs to be done is to click on the ‘add response’ button.

10. What if my child misses a class? Are there any replacement or recorded classes? (in the event if there is no internet reception or worse-case scenario there is no laptop for the child)

Yes, a recorded lesson is accessible on the platform at a more convenient time.

11. Will there be assessments for virtual learning?

Yes, homework will be checked and assessed daily by the respective teacher.